Gruber-ing: The New ObamaCare Lies Timeline

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jonathan gruber MIT

Jonathan Gruber, a MIT economist who was instrumental in helping craft the ObamaCare healthcare law, has been exposed as a liar, but largely by the conservative media. His statements have also exposed the political maneuvers of the administration in crafting Obamacare.

Conservative media outlets, based off of the findings of Rich Weinstein (a disenchanted American who lost his health insurance due to ObamaCare), reported at least four times where Gruber told an audience about how the architects of ObamaCare lied to the American people and lawmakers. On one occasion, Gruber said they wrote the legislation in a “tortured” manner because of the “stupidity of the American voter.” Here’s a timeline of Gruber’s lies and misrepresentations:

Monday, 11/10/14:

megyn kelly fox news on gruber

Tuesday 11/11/14:

Wednesday 11/12/14:

pelosi doesnt know gruber

Thursday 11/13/14:

jake tapper tweet gruber

Saturday 11/14/2014:

obama g20 gruber remarks

Sunday 11/15/2014: