Ivy League Day-Care at Brown University

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brown university photoThose who view college as little more than expensive day-care just got some new evidence.

“Even some of Brown’s coddling administrators had to shake their heads at the student response to a debate between leftist feminist Jessica Valenti and libertarian Wendy McElroy,” David French writes in the May 23, 2016 issue of National Review. “A campus debate is usually a tame-enough event, but this debate would deal with the alleged campus-rape crisis, and McElroy was expected to depart from the college orthodoxy and dissent from the myth that women at American universities are uniquely in danger of being raped.”

“To help students ‘recuperate’ from the debate, student activists set up a ‘safe space’ that featured coloring books, cookies, Play-Doh, and videos of puppies. Yes, adult students at one of the world’s most prestigious universities intentionally recreated a day-care center for one another.”

On a personal note, my autistic 12-year-old daughter views herself as “too big” for three-quarters of those amenities. She still likes cookies, a lot. So apparently students at this Ivy League bastion have more special needs than special needs children.

“College campuses are centers of Sanders support in large part because they represent small examples of the world he wants to build,” French observes. “Tuition represents an extreme form of progressive taxation as rich families fund generous breaks for the poor, and everyone enjoys the same, often luxurious facilities.”

“Each student has access to an immense social-welfare infrastructure, complete with diversity offices for every ethnicity and easy access to doctors and counselors. College is the ultimate nanny, and many former students miss her warm embrace.”

Photo by thurdl01

Photo by thurdl01