Jeb Bush Weighs In On Education

, Malcolm A. Kline, Leave a comment

He may not be running for president lately but Jeb Bush is still devoting all of his oratorical skills to the subject of education.

Recently he said: “I applaud Congress and the Trump Administration for reauthorizing the Perkins Act. This bipartisan effort will ensure we better prepare America’s students to succeed in the competitive 21st century global economy.

“Technology has provided us with limitless opportunity to innovate and customize every aspect of our lives, but it is also disrupting the labor market in ways we have never before experienced. In-demand skills are changing at a lightning pace, and states must transform career and technical education to meet this challenge.

“Our nation’s future success depends on every student—whether in cities, suburbs or rural communities—gaining the skills leading to high-wage jobs and a meaningful place in this fast-changing economy. We must pursue bold policies, including parental choice and accountability for student learning, to transform our K – 12 schools into a world-class education system.

“Preparing the next generation of Americans to succeed in school and life is one of our nation’s most important responsibilities.”

He loves the word “bold.” When I saw him speak, he used it several times, always dropping his voice an octave or two to signify its significance.