Monmouth University to Activists: No, We Won’t Remove Woodrow Wilson’s Name from Building

, Spencer Irvine, Leave a comment

Not that Woodrow Wilson was a saint, but seriously, outrage at everything?

Monmouth University will keep “Woodrow Wilson Hall” as the name of its central administrative building, despite cries of racism.

The Board of Trustees voted on June 24th to keep the building’s name, but offered the compromise of requiring the administration to take “significant steps” to promote education and understanding of Wilson’s legacy.

“I am proud that our entire Board chose to proactively examine Wilson’s legacy with the help of faculty, students, and staff members,” said Monmouth University Board Chair Henry Mercer. “From this we know that we have a responsibility to tell Wilson’s full story, the good and bad. This provides a valuable learning opportunity for the Monmouth University community.”

Photo by Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library Archives