Sally Quinn Showcases Bigotry

, Susan A. Fani, Leave a comment

Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments today on an article by Robert S. McElvaine, a professor at Millsaps College, that is posted on the joint blog site of the Washington Post and Newsweek, “On Faith”:

“Does Pope Benedict XVI hate women, Jews and Muslims? Or is he just insensitive? One thing is for sure, we know he presides over a religion that holds ‘immoral’ teachings on sexuality.

“Now this is the kind of rant we would expect to find on the bathroom wall of a summer camp in Martha’s Vineyard, but, alas, it appears in the pages of Sally Quinn’s blog. This is her idea of dialogue.

“Want to read hate speech? Read the voluminous comments attendant to McElvaine’s article. If we have room we will reprint some of them in the May edition of our monthly journal, Catalyst (there is a lot of competition among bigots so only the best make the cut). In any event, we will surely reprint some of the really choice remarks in next year’s annual report on anti-Catholicism. Either way, we will be fair to Quinn and note the central role she played in fomenting intolerance.

“Over the past few months, the culture war has hit a fever pitch. But as we saw in Connecticut last week—an attempted fascist takeover of the Catholic Church by lawmakers blew up in their face—our side is up to the task.”

Susan A. Fani is the Director of Communications for the Catholic League. This press release was originally issued on March 19, 2009.