UC San Diego Bails Out Struggling Che Guevara-Inspired Student Cafe

, Spencer Irvine, 2 Comments

The Che Cafe Collective had to be bailed out by the university.


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  1. EbolaJenkins

    December 9, 2015 2:18 am

    Whatever happen to that weird rac1st-hoax-crime’s ‘wh1te-sheet’ placed on a statue of Geisel at UCSD back in 2010?… Did they ever catch that n1kca?.. or did they “drop the investigation” once they realize the culprit was a non-student-b1ack after recovering the DNA like the Chancellor and SD Sheriff promised?!?…

    ….How much money was spent after?… That exchange-student Or1ental girl had the HONOR to come forth and admit that she accidently left the n00se hanging near the elevator sign at UCSD after her orienta1 boyfriend showed her what it look like after Sadam Husse1n got hayng by one, and admitted she dint know it meant anything against b1ack-peoples… She still got expel.

    …But the trespassing b1ack-d1inka who put the wh1te sheets on statue of Dr. Geisel’s head soon after, NEVER had the same HONOR to admit what he/she done… They caused the San Diego Media-Conglomerate to attack as if it was WW3, and the Chancellor promise to get DNA results from the SD County Sheriff’s Office Crime-Lab. And when the results came in?: ….a b1ack suspect!… It is not fair that they suddenly drop-coverage after the campus is forced to install new tax-payer-funded positions and organizations!….

    ….The funny part is, I know too many As1an-Americans who had 4.0 GPA’s in High School, but lost they college seats due to Aff1rmative-Action bruthaz & sistaz who barely made it through High-School in the FIRST-PLACE, and then dropped out of they free college seats… In the meantime, my 4.0 High School 0riental-friends is still working the cash-register getting r0bbed at g/npoint at random by the same d1nkaz who st0le they college seat to begin with…
    That is RAC1ST!!!

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