University Of Oregon Donations Cascade To Democrats

, Malcolm A. Kline, Leave a comment

Even by academic standards it looks totalitarian. “Campus Reform analyzed the donation records of the University of Oregon System (UO) employees from 2017-2018, using publicly available records from the Federal Election Commission, in order to determine the political leanings of faculty and administrators at the college,” Grace Gottschling writes. “According to a Campus Reform analysis, 100 percent of all UO administrators who donated to political candidates or causes gave a total of $10,014.60 to Democrat politicians or Democrat organizations, such as Chelsea Manning for Congress and the Democratic Party of Oregon.” (If the name sounds familiar, here’s a hint: She used to be Brad.)

“In total, UO employees donated $98,081.88 from 2017-2018. Of that amount, 99.6 percent of donations were to Democrat politicians or Democrat organizations, while .4 percent of the donations, a combined $363.28 from three UO employees, were to Republican politicians or Republican organizations,” Gottschling writes. “Two-hundred and one faculty members, specifically, donated a total of $65,632.91 to politicians or political organizations.”

“They contributed 99.946 percent of the money to Democrat politicians or organizations. Just $35.17, .0005 percent of donations, went to Republican causes or politicians, like House Speaker Paul Ryan.” Some would argue that’s about what he’s worth….