Black Lives Matter’s LGBTQ Agenda

, Alex Nitzberg, 17 Comments

black lives matter photoWhile the media cover Black Lives Matter’s complaints of racism and police brutality, they largely underreport the movement’s campaign to normalize all permutations of sexual proclivity. The “Guiding Principles” on clearly delineate the group’s pro-LGBTQ agenda: “Black Lives Matter is a radical social intervention,” their web site proclaims.

Black Lives Matter is “Queer Affirming:” “When we gather, we do so with the intention of freeing ourselves from the tight grip of heteronormative thinking or, rather, the belief that all in the world are heterosexual unless s/he or they disclose otherwise.”

Another principle defines the group as “Transgender Affirming … We are committed to…doing the work required to dismantle cis-gender privilege and uplift Black trans folk…”

A Facebook advertisement for Black Lives Matter’s “#SayHerName National Day of Action,” explains,  “On this day, we are standing in solidarity with all Black women (cis and trans), girls, and femmes in efforts to shed light on the abuse that they endure under systems of anti-Black misogyny.”

However, Black Lives Matter does not simply “affirm” sexual deviancy, it actively strives to instigate a cultural revolution to redefine the family: “We are committed to disrupting the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement by supporting each other as extended families and ‘villages’ that collectively care for one another, and especially ‘our’ children to the degree that mothers, parents and children are comfortable.”

In addition to harboring an apparent distaste for the family, feminism also pervades the Black Lives Matter movement, with terms including “patriarchy” and “hetero-patriarchy” appearing on the site. One article describes the three founders of Black Lives Matter (Alicia Garza, Opal Tometi, and Patrisse Cullors) by stating that “…all are U.S.-based black feminists, all are seasoned organizers, Cullors and Garza identify as queer…”

Terms on like “same-gender-loving” and “gender spectrum” reveal the design-your-own-gender mentality propagated by this movement.

Black Lives Matter asserts that, “Justice…is not only about ending anti-black racism. Visions of true justice must include freedom for black people who are queer, transgender, formerly or presently incarcerated, undocumented or facing any number of other challenges.”

But Americans already possess the right to live a transgender or queer lifestyle, so what additional “freedom” does “justice” require?

While freedom in Black Lives Matter’s conception could mean many things, it almost certainly entails forcing all Americans to surrender their rights in order to accommodate the LGBTQ community. The Obama Justice Department has already threatened to withhold government funding from schools that refuse to let transgender students use the bathroom and locker room that matches their assumed gender identity.

As the left works to restructure society through a cultural revolution, Black Lives Matter openly broadcasts its radical LGBTQ agenda. The fact that so many individuals remain ignorant of this facet of the Black Lives Matter movement reflects the media’s failure to fully inform the public.

Alex Nitzberg is an intern at the American Journalism Center at Accuracy in Media and Accuracy in Academia. Follow him on Twitter and Facebook.

Photo by pburka

Photo by pburka


17 Responses

  1. terryk

    May 27, 2016 12:50 pm

    So, does merely stating that LGBT people *have* rights make one “radical”?

  2. schmenz

    May 27, 2016 1:15 pm

    Not surprising. As the BLM movement is funded by swine like George Soros, who also advocated for sex perversion, this should not be startling news.

  3. Artfuldgr

    May 27, 2016 1:20 pm

    no, they are saying that they have MORE rights than others, and THATS radical, under use jurisprudence…
    some are more equal than others, as they are being USED as a social crowbar..
    but once they are finished with them and when they have the power they want
    what do you think will happen to those who are then known and can not hide?

  4. LudicrousSextus

    May 27, 2016 2:22 pm

    Something that doesn’t seem to get much press – and *needs* to get more press…

    In the last few decades, US public schools have been flat out indoctrinating K-12 schoolchildren with ‘Gay is Normal and Healthy!’ propaganda, aided by such imbeciles as Kevin Jennings – Obama’s ‘safe schools czar’ who *invented* gay clubs for schools (GLSEN). No dissent is tolerated. Embrace the gay or be ostracized at every level. The president just suggested teachers wear ‘gay affirming’ materials…

    The result? The CDC now informs us – the ONLY demographic in the nation where HIV is *still* increasing – is 13 to 22 year old boys – UP 135% – while falling in every other demographic.

    Pretty demonstrably – ‘gay advocacy’ in the public schools – is sickening American children. And to ‘liberals, progressives, educators’ and of course the GLBQTSTFU lobby – that’s an acceptable price to pay for ‘normalizing’ behavior that has half of all college age gays HIV positive by middle age.

    The silence on this is deafening.

  5. Still Out of Service

    May 28, 2016 12:48 am

    I presently am traveling in India, where this is not a problem.
    Like NYC it is OK to use the street as a toilet, Indians do. All streets.
    Orientation is never questioned

  6. terryk

    May 28, 2016 11:32 am

    Actually, the whole point of the “bathroom laws” is to claim that Christians have MORE rights than LGBT people. I’ve yet to hear a good explanation of why LGBT people *must* be discriminated against, as the bathroom laws dictate.

  7. KyzerS

    May 31, 2016 5:39 pm

    Black males aged 15-34; the main perpetrators of ALL crime in this country are only 3% of the total US population. REPEAT 3% of the American Population commits ALL this crime.

    This is the group the 2013 FBI crime statistics say are responsible for:

    56.4% of ALL Robbery
    52.2% of ALL Murders
    33.9% of ALL Aggravated Assaults
    31.3% of ALL Forcible Rapes

    2012 FBI Statistics
    54.9% of ALL Robbery
    49.4% of ALL Murders
    34.1% of ALL Aggravated Assaults
    32.5% of ALL Forcible Rapes

    2011 FBI Statistics
    55.6% of ALL Robbery
    49.7% of ALL Murders
    33.6% of ALL Aggravated Assaults
    32.9% of ALL Forcible Rapes

    3% of the US population creates ALL this misery. But let’s talk about LGBTQ.

  8. AndRebecca

    June 3, 2016 1:10 am

    We’re talking about both, due to the solidarity between them. Get on a communist website and see what they are pushing. Deviancy of any type is being lauded. Marxists believe Protestant Christians started capitalism. They have to get rid of Christians, and Christian thought in order to get rid of capitalism. And they are doing just that.

  9. AndRebecca

    June 3, 2016 1:13 am

    So how come you only noticed this right? We have Christian laws to protect human beings. Other “laws” do a poor job of protecting humans.

  10. Roberto Enrique Benitez II

    June 4, 2016 4:24 pm

    Sadly, it’s all part of the Saul Zlinsky and Cloward-Piven plans to destabilize American society and thereby the country.

    While we do hear about this somewhat in the conservative media, as you say the MSM is silent.

  11. Roberto Enrique Benitez II

    June 4, 2016 5:13 pm

    Thanks for the statistics. They’re indeed depressing and alarming.

    AndRebecca is right that we’re discussing both matters. Also, she’s quite right about the motivations of the Left. So it’s important that we remind people just how radical some of these Leftist groups are. As Sun Tzu wrote in The Art of War, “Know your enemy.” Whether we like it or not, we’re in a cultural and political war for the sake of a Republic under the rule of true Constitutional Law established on Judeo-Chriatian concepts and with a free market capitalist economy under real contract law.

    Sadly, we seem to be losing. But I believe there’s hope if we heed 2 Chronicles 7:14.

  12. Roberto Enrique Benitez II

    June 4, 2016 5:43 pm

    Do traditional laws prohibit the building of bathrooms for those can’t determine or don’t agree with their birth gender for whatever reason? Why should biological females be forced to share bathrooms with biological males or vice versa?

    In as much as Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, and other religions also believe in the concept of male and female and their right to privacy in certain settings, why are you focusing on Christians? Is it you have disdain for Christianity and it’s mores? Is it as AndRebecca says you believe by attacking Christianity you can rid the country of conservatives?

    By the way, when speaking about groups having more rights, please explain why those of the Black and the LGBT community claim they’ve the right to form exclusive clubs in colleges, etc., while Christians shouldn’t have that right?

    One last question, are you Terry KREPEL, the editor of ConWebWatch dot com?

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