Our Top Ten Stories of 2015

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Here are our top ten stories from 2015:

gw bush

1. George W. Bush, Reappraised? Sort Of

Wait, people praising George W. Bush? Surprisingly, we found some evidence of it.

2. Anti-Semitism on Campus 2015

Everyone is talking about anti-Muslim violence, but anti-Semitism is alive and well. Both are horrible.

3. Global Warming is a Farce

UCLA professor exposed the climate change/global warming farce and was ousted by UCLA. He sued and the university settled.

4. Why They Can’t Stop Trump

Cliff Kincaid on the Donald Trump phenomenon and how he’s led the GOP 2016 race.

5. Penn State Professor Blames Stephen Colbert’s Bad Ratings on Republicans

Yup, that was a real thing that happened. Liberal professor blamed sagging ratings of satirical comedian Stephen Colbert on the GOP.

6. Bad News About Alternative Lifestyles

Homosexual lifestyles aren’t necessarily healthy for children, a study finds.

7. Wisconsin Faculty’s Mass Exodus

Thanks to Republican Governor Scott Walker, Wisconsin faculty and the university system has to take a hard look at its money-making structure.

8. Remaking of Alexander Hamilton

After all the outrage over removing Alexander Hamilton from American currency, a case for keeping him there.

9. Top 10 Global Warming Lies of the Left

Only 10 lies? It’s a good read on the climate change/global warming farce pushed by the Left.

10. Faculty Who Won’t Leave

Tenure is not good for many reasons, one of which is that college professors won’t leave and can’t be fired even if they’re horrible at their job.