Truly Gun-Free Zones

, Malcolm A. Kline, 1 Comment

There may be a solution to school shootings, but liberals might not want to hear it because it involves either calling the cops or carrying a gun.

The Right To Bare Arms

“Dr. J. Eric Dietz, director of Purdue University’s Homeland Security Institute, concluded that in a study of all mass shootings since the 1950s, only two occurred outside gun-free zones,” Jesse Kremer, a Republican state representative from Wisconsin, claimed on his web site.

When contacted by the Chronicle of Higher Education, Dr. Dietz was more measured in his conclusions. Nevertheless, the reporter he talked to, Eric Kelderman, reported that “Mr. Dietz, a former director of the State of Indiana’s Homeland Security Department,  says the conclusion to be drawn from his research is that to reduce casualties in active-shooter scenarios, you have to reduce the time it takes the police to engage with the shooter.”

“His [computer] model showed that the number of victims could fall by nearly 70 percent when an armed police officer is on site. Having a small number of faculty members who are armed would reduce the number of deaths by 10 percent to 15 percent, he said.”

While the Dietz study is not a ringing endorsement of concealed carry laws, it goes against widespread beliefs in both the media and academia. You will probably hear crickets chirp before CNN reports it.