Title IX Administrators Think Obama is Still President

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photo by White House.gov

Update: Although the group points out that it devotes much space to due process in its guide,  in the press release announcing it, this aspect of Title IX is not highlighted.

At a time when even liberals think that federal Title IX rules have gone too far in sexual harassment cases, college administrators who help to enforce them remain oblivious to their excesses.

The Association of Title IX Administrators (ATIXA) published their “Playbook,” per a recent press release. ATIXA heralded their “Playbook” as a “120-page book developed by nationally-recognized experts and field-leading practitioners as a comprehensive guide to ensure that the resolution of sexual misconduct allegations on college campuses is done right.” What is the subtitle? “Best Practices for the Post-Regulatory Era.”

ATIXA claimed that the subtitle was chosen “to highlight the focus of the book on what colleges and universities should be doing to address sexual misconduct, rather than on what they must be doing to achieve compliance.” The association claimed, “Higher education isn’t headed back to the pre-2011 era, and this book helps to point the way forward for the field.”

The “Playbook” costs $129 for non-members, or it is “free” when you become a member of the association (the membership fee for an individual is $599).

There was no mention of the kangaroo courts that are commonplace in sexual misconduct cases. Nor was there any mention of the lack of due process on college campuses when a student is accused of sexual misconduct.